What is the difference between web design and web development?

website design and development

We hear these two terms being used interchangeably. The question is are they exactly the same and if not what are the difference between them. First, we will have a clear definition of each term and the areas they cover and also the roles of a web designer and a web developer.

Web Design: Web design is the process of creating the visual style of a website. It involves various tasks like creating the visual layout of the website, logo design, closing colors, how things should look and where each element like image, text, links, usability, etc. using some coding to optimize user experience and form a welcoming environment for them. They are also responsible for search engine optimization, inserting contents and maintaining the website. The process often starts with a web designer or team to sit with and collect requirements from the client and trying to transform the client’s ideas into a beautiful website. Web designers are expected to be equipped with these techniques:

  • Marketing and communication
  • User Experience design using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and sketch to build the prototype or the final layout.
  • Graphic design
  • Responsive page layout design
  • Typography
  • Simple Interactivity designs
  • Good understanding of color collocation

Web Development: Web development is the process by which the visual part of the website becomes alive using one or a combination of coding languages and tools. It is divided into two categories front-end development backend development. The languages used can be a combination of Html, CSS, JavaScript, Php, asp.net, node.js, ruby on rails, Python, Java, etc. Under normal situations, web developers get the layout design from designing team and start building the website upon that layout. They focus on coding and coding quality.

The difference between Web Designing and development:

– Web Designing is more a creative and artistic process. It deals with making the website visually appealing, while web developing deals more with the technical aspect of a website. Developing makes the layout designed by designers to run. However, nowadays web designers are also needed to know some technical aspects of website development like coding. On the other hand, a web developer needs to have some good level of aesthetic skills to be able to achieve the designer’s prototype or layout goals.


Web designing deals with the aesthetic aspects of a website to create a first and long-lasting impression on the website’s visitor and make them have a pleasant experience using the website. A simple analogy can be thinking about web designers as architects who design the plan of the building using visual tools and web developers as the civil engineers who calculate how that building is going to be built identifying the exact quantity and specification of materials and  how they should be used to achieve the final result that is the building. Web designing should not be underrated and without a great user experience, no website is considered as a success even though it has the most sophisticated codes in its structure. Web designers and web developers should not underrate each other, as both groups are required to work hand in hand to create a great website that not only looks great but works great. The designers and developers need to know about both sides to help them communicate and understand each other better and make their cooperation effective. It is said that web developing uses the left side of brain and web designing use more right side of the brain.