Why do you need a website for your business?

Why do you need a website for your business?

It is interesting to know that a large percentage of small to medium-size businesses around the globe still don’t have a website. Depending on the reports in different countries somewhere between 40%-46% of these businesses don’t have a website. If you want to get new customers or to retain your existing customers you need to have a serious online presence. Long gone are those days where flyers and banners were the standard promotion channels. Nowadays your online presence plays the most important role in your marketing strategy. Although it is a fact that every person needs a website to promote, publicize themselves, and interact with the clients, in this article we focus on some of the important reasons why businesses need to have a website:

Most purchases start with a Google search:

93% of online experiences start with searching on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 3 in 4 mobile phone owners prefer to search on the internet on their phone. Who wants to drive for hours in the heavy traffic streets just to find out the price of an item in different shops. Not only we need to consider the time factor but also the fuel consumption and waiting in queues to talk to the person in charge. The business which has a website tends to have more exposure. Customers can easily find them on Google and search for the availability of the desired items on the website. Even if the information on the website was not enough to make them take a decision they can talk to a live sales agent or can call the phone numbers mentioned on the website.


Many companies just deal with businesses that have a website. It is a sign that you are a professional and you take your business seriously. Often businesses are content with a Facebook page or getting listed in a local/national directory. Using these methods is a good effort to promote your business but is just a drop in the ocean of benefits you can get from your online presence. People find it easier to trust a business that has a website.

Ease of Access:

People can find a business website easily either by entering the website address or searching it on the internet. Using a website, a business can promote itself better. A website lets your potential customers learn more about your brand, your services, your mission and vision, the story behind your products, etc. There are often questions in your customer’s mind that you have answered them zillion times and still many more customers ask the same questions! Let your website do it for you!

Global social proof

90% of clients state that their buying decision was somehow affected by the reviews they read online. You could rely on other websites like Facebook, Google reviews, local directories, and other review sites to host customer reviews for your business, but you can kill two birds with one stone on your business website. You can be in control of the reviews and testimonies people make about your brand. It makes it easier to impress potential customers with the reviews and testimonies you direct on your website.
Reduced marketing cost:

Setting up a website and advertising it is way cheaper than resorting to traditional marketing methods. Your website will work for you. Your potential customers will find you at any time. They don’t need to be in a certain place to be exposed to the old-schooled marketing channels like banners, flyers, newspaper ads, satellite, and phone announcements. They are just one Google search away from you!

Investing in your brand

Once your website is designed, it can last forever. The older your website gets the more people have known about your brand. Furthermore, the older a website, the higher the chance of getting listed higher in search engine results.

Marketing with no limits

A website is available from all over the world. The entire world can learn about your business. It won’t stop working. It never sleeps. Most businesses have certain working hours, but websites don’t. They are your reliable employee who works for you tirelessly.

Selling directly to customers

Depending on your business model websites allow you to sell your products or services online. Potential customers are not restricted to business hours. It can dramatically boost your sale and customer base. You don’t need to rent to a shop to run your business if your website is selling online. This way your website eliminates the many middle dealers and thus increasing your profit margin.

Easily Accessible knowledge base

Many business websites have pages explaining everything about a product or service. This can benefit both your customers and your employees who need to learn about your products. An online product catalog with digital images and videos is proven to be a helpful tool for business owners.

Online customer support

One of the best benefits of having a website is the improvement of customer support and hence better customer service and brand experience. Your website can accomplish this by posting support Q&As on your website or via an online forum where users can ask each other questions about your product and other users can reply to these questions. These replies to common problems or questions are then available on your website which will help other customers of yours when searching the internet for a solution to this problem. You can also direct your customers to these online documented resources so that they can identify and solve the problem by themselves. This can enhance and accelerate business processes much faster for your customers and also leads to a more efficient customer support department.

Creating the Right First Impression

A professionally designed website is often the first impression your customers get about your brand. In the ever-increasing competitive environment that businesses face day by day, more often customers decide to reject a brand if they do not feel a professional business website is not available.

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